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Codependency Recovery and Christian Spirituality


Philip St. Romain, D. Min.

  • How has the concept of codependency affected our views of love and selfless giving?
  • Does the Church teach codependency in the name of Christian love?
  • What does Christian spirituality have to contribute unto recovery from codependent attitudes and behavior?

These and other issues will be explored in these three hours of reflection by Dr. St. Romain.

Listen to these conferences online (no fee; RealAudio format):

Tape One - 36 min.
Tape Two - 36 min.
Tape Three - 45 min.
Tape Four - 42 min.

Purchase the four conferences as podcasts ($5.00 USD, mp3 format)
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Resource Handouts (free)
Bondaries and Relationships
What is Codependency?
Checklist of Codependent Behaviors
Recovery Guidelines
Depedency Attitudes and Behaviors
Early Warning Signs of Enabling
Essential Symptoms of Codependency
The Roles People Play

The book, Freedom From Codependency: A Christian Response, by Dr. St. Romain, is also available online. Click here to preview it. You may order from the preview page.