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to reflect,
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Meditative Messages
by members of the Heartland Center for Spirituality team.
These are streamed in Real Audio format.
Praying/Journaling with the Messages
Lectio Divina
Philip St. Romain, 6 min., 49 sec.
Contemplative Prayer
Philip St. Romain 6 min., 50 sec.
Jesus the Light
Louise Hageman, OP. 3 min., 10 sec.
Freedom to Choose
Philip St. Romain. 2 min., 43 sec.
Everyday Agape
Joel Christoph, OP. 3 min., 31 sec.
Count Your Blessings
Philip St. Romain. 2 min., 10 sec
A Little is Enough
Joel Christoph, OP. 3 min., 31 sec.
Resurrection Living
Philip St. Romain. 3 min., 24 sec
Travel Lightly
Louise Hageman. 2 min., 3 sec.
Come to Your Senses
Philip St. Romain. 2 min., 38 sec.
Live One Day at a Time
Philip St. Romain. 3 min., 56 sec.
Do What You're Doing
Lisa Bellecci-st. romain. 4 min., 26 sec.
Live by Principles
Louise Hageman, OP. 2 min., 52 sec

Praying/Journaling Exercise

"For my yoke is easy, my burden light."

Meditative Music: mostly MIDI files, by a few Real Audio to be added in time. You can play these while you browse the site or look at slideshows. Slideshows: Unless otherwise noted, these are all photos I've taken and arranged. Click on the top-left thumbnail image to begin the slide show.
High Flying, Adored
Apollo 13
Bach Fuge
Bach Fuge
Cast Your Fate
Dances With Wolves
Debussy Passepied
Deux Filles
Forrest Gump
Greatest Love
Jesu Joy of Desire
Jurassic Park
Minuet in G
Mozart Requiem
My_Heart (Titanic)
Pacelbel Canon
Think of Me (Phantom)
Dr. Zhivago

Music by Philip St. Romain
- composed in Apple's Soundtrack -
Real Audio format

Clap Your Hands (Smile!) - 47 sec.
Techno Massage (3 min., 8 sec.)

Kansas Landscapes

Wildlife - a few images from driving to Great Bend and other places.
- view the movie slideshow (music by John Jarvis, "The Bow River Valley")

Lessons for a New Life - converted Powerpoint Presentation.
- compiled by "Vivian" and received via email in 2001.
- download the Powerpoint slideshow: 740 K

Fun Photos - these are quite stunning; converted Powerpoint Presentation.
- gratitudes to Terri King, who sent it along.
- download the Powerpoint slideshow: 1.8 MB

- many others, forthcoming

The Heavens are telling the glory of God . . .

. . . let's look out the window now. There is a bird feeder near our room, and a view of a field and trees in the distance. Let's observe . . . enjoy . . .!
(Quicktime plug-in needed for these movies. If you have dial-up, pause the movie until it downloads.)

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