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Becoming a New Person: Twelve Steps to Christian Growth, by Philip St. Romain
This was the first book [1984] on the Twelve Steps of recovery groups published so that anyone in the Christian tradition (even those not in recovery) could benefit from the wisdom of the Steps. It differs from its successor, Twelve Steps to Spiritual Wholeness, in that it takes a more traditional approach to spirituality than the latter.

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Paperback book: 12.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; Amazon Kindle: 3.99; epub eBook format: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore

Building Character in Young People. Philip St. Romain
Chapters discuss ways to help young people grow in self-esteem, discipline and personal responsibility. 96 pages, 1988.
In print. Order directly from Pelican Publishing Co

Building Family Faith. Lisa Bellecci-st.romain
This book is for parents who want to share their faith with their children and have fun together as a family. Designed to make Sunday Scriptures come "alive" for children, the book is divided into weekly sharing and study sessions that use written text and household objects. For each session there is a reading of that week's Gospel, a list of materials needed , instructions for leaders, and a closing prayer for reflection. Great for building Catholic identity!
Cycles A, B, and C. 1994. 96 pp. Wire-bound.
- Out of print. Search for used copies.

Caring for the Self, Caring for the Soul. Philip St. Romain
In our age of spiritual longing and confusion, there are perhaps more books written about spiritual development and caring for the soul than ever before. But until now there has been no single, comprehensive work to address this vitally important issue from a uniquely Christian perspective. 2000.

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Catholic Answers to Fundamentalists' Questions. Philip St. Romain
Offers clear, accurate information on basic areas of faith and practice--Scripture and tradition; salvation; devotions to Mary and the saints; and more. Q & A format. 88 pages. Paperback. 2005 (2nd edition). Over 400,000 in print.
- see also free Catholic Responses to Fundamentalism online workshop.

Paperback book: $6.29; Amazon Kindle: $2.99

Critical Issues in Christian Contemplative Practice.
Edited by James Arraj and Philip St. Romain
Sharing and reflection by numerous contributors on the practices of Christian Meditation, Centering Prayer, contemplative prayer and Eastern forms of meditation. Also explores the meaning of kundalini awakening and the loss of the affective ego.

Paperback book: 18.00; Kindle: 6.95; PDF eBook: 6.99; epub eBook: 6.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Discerning God's Will. Philip St. Romain
The material in this booklet was initially presented as six conferences for an Internet retreat in 2006. Through interaction with participants, the material was improved and re-published by Contemplative Ministries, Inc. in 2012. Included are discussion on images of discernment, guiding principles, spiritual gifts, vocation, and ordinary discernment in everyday life.

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Amazon Kindle: 2.99; PDF eBook: 2.99; epub eBook file: 2.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Freedom from Codependency: A Christian Response . Philip St. Romain
Discusses what codependency is, its characteristics, who it affects, and how it develops. Includes a plan for recovery based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. 112 pages. Paperback. 1991.
- see also online workshop on Codependency

Paperback book: 12.95; Amazon Kindle: 3.99; PDF eBook file: 5.00; epub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)


God, and the Problem of Suffering. Philip St. Romain
Seeking light from Scripture and Church teaching, this booklet examines how it is that a good and powerful God can allow creatures to suffer from abuses inflicted by nature, accidents, social injustice, sickness and death.

Paperback book: 4.95; PDF eBook file, Free; epub eBook file, Free.
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- a webinar on this topic is also available.

God and I: Exploring the Connections Between God, Self and Ego. Philip St. Romain
Trade book version of doctoral thesis (below) with expanded chapters, questions for reflection and discussion, and spiritual exercises. 172 pages. 2014.

Paperback book: 14.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; epub eBook file: 5.00

God, Self and Ego: Discerning "Who's Who" on the Spiritual Journey. Philip St. Romain
A reflection on the meaning of the concepts and experiences of God, Self, Ego and False Self. Part II develops the practical implications for spiritual growth and discernment. 62 page paperback book; also available as pdf eBook. This was Philip St. Romain's doctoral thesis.

Paperback book: 9.95; Amazon Kindle: 3.99; PDF eBook file: 5.00; epub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Growing in Inner Freedom: A Guide for Today. Philip St. Romain
Forty daily meditations on themes such as living one day at a time, relating in love, living in the now, and suffering gracefully. 1986. 64 pages.

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Paperback book: 12.95; Amazon Kindle: 2.99; PDF eBook file: 3.50; epub eBook file: 2.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)


Handbook for Spiritual Directees: A Book of Spiritual Exercises. Philip St. Romain
A collection of spiritual exercises that can be used by directees to stimulate reflection and discussion in spiritual direction. Spiritual directors will also find it a helpful resource in their ministry of supporting and guiding directees. Of course, anyone interested in spiritual growth can also make good use of this material, even if they are not in a formal, spiritual direction relationship. 2010. 61.pp.

Paperback book: 9.71; PDF eBook file: 3.95; Amazon Kindle: 3.95; epub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Here Now in Love: The Roots of Contemplative Spirituality. Philip St. Romain
An uncomplicated but significant collection of principles that will help foster a contemplative focus in one's spiritual life. This book is built on the conviction that if we are to know God, then we must be where God is, or we will miss him; we must also strive to be as God or we will not recognize him. This is not a new spirituality but a common vocation of us all: To love God with our whole heart and soul and mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. 2002. 112 pp.

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Paperback book: 13.95; Amazon Kindle: 9.99

In the Midst of Winter. Louise Hageman, O.P.
A classic thesis on the meaning of suffering. Introduction by Adran van Kaam.

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PDF eBook: 3.99


Jesus Alive in Our Lives. Philip St. Romain
Reflections on the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, with chapters on the evidence for the resurrection, the meaning of suffering, the new life in Christ, the mystery of history, etc. 1985 publication by Ave Maria Press. Also included in this second edition are eight new chapters on "Encountering the Risen Christ," and eight new chapters on "The Gift of the Spirit." 155 pp. 2010.

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Paperback book: 14.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; Amazon Kindle: 3.95; epub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstores)

Jesus on the Cross: Why? Philip St. Romain
Why did Jesus of Nazareth die? What did his death "accomplish?" How has this established a new relationship between God and the human race? These and other issues are dealt with in this 1987 book by Ave Maria Press.

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Paperback book: 11.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; Amazon Kindle: 3.95; epub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality. Philip St. Romain (2nd ed.)
Philip describes his experience of the awakening of the kundalini process and his understanding of the meaning of kundalini in the light of psychology, physiology, spirituality and Christian theology. Introduction by Fr. Thomas Keating, with Appendix by James Arraj and Afterword by Lisa Bellecci St. Romain. 1st ed. by Crossroads Publishing Co. New York. 1991. 2nd edition e-book (2002 and paperback (2004) by Contemplative Ministries, Inc.
Similar: online audio series on A Christian Understanding of the Chakra System.

Paperback book: 15.95; PDF eBook file: 7.00; Amazon Kindle: 5.00; epub eBook file: 4.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Lessons in Loving: Developing Relationship Skills. Philip St. Romain
Self-directed course on growing in intra- and interpersonal skills. Helps readers develop healthy, positive relationship skills and grow in love of self, others and God. 128 pages. Paperback. 1989.
- A four part workshop (almost 3 hrs.) is also available; includes PDF of the book..

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Paperback book: 14.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; Amazon Kindle: 3.95; epub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Living Together, Loving Together: A Spiritual Guide to Marriage. Philip St. Romain and Lisa Bellecci-st.romain
"When marriage goes well, there is perhaps no greater human happiness; but when it goes poorly, there may be no greater misery!"
Sections of the book emphasize the importance of communication skills, understanding personality types, marriage as sacrament, and stress issues. Perhaps the most welcome aspect of the book will be its format - it's designed so couples can read it together, then pause, discuss, and pray together. The result is a rare blend of faith-building spiritual counsel and problem-solving practical advice. 1995.

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Paperback book: 12.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; Amazon Kindle: 3.99; Smashwords eBook: 3.99

Pathways to Serenity. Philip St. Romain
Outlines a practical, holistic spirituality by drawing from various sources, including Christian spirituality, Eastern mysticism, modern psychology, and Twelve Step recovery groups. Ideal for anyone interested in a serious practice of Christian spirituality.

PDF eBook: 3.99


Praying the Daily Gospels: A Guide to Meditation . Philip St. Romain
In this book, St. Romain focuses on the Gospel passages for the Church's weekday liturgies. For each day, a short note concerning contextual and theological considerations is provided to help readers reflect on the questions and ideas which follow. However, learning to pray with Scripture does not always come easily. 265 pages. Paperback. 1995 edition.

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Paperback: 9.95; ePub: 7.99

The "Logic" of Happiness: Proverbs and Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Living. Philip St. Romain .
Angel Award Winner in 1996
A treasury of versatile, uplifting, and intuitive meditations, proverbs, exhortations, reflections, and exploratory questions that direct and enlighten the mind and warm the heart. Triumph Books, 1994 edition reprinted in paperback and available in ebook formats.

Paperback book: 12.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; Amazon Kindle: 3.99; epub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)

Reflecting on the Serenity Prayer. Philip St. Romain
In addition to being the most central core prayer of the recovery movement, The Serenity Prayer is admired and prayed by those who seek to find an inner peace in the face of life's difficult challenges. Here, Philip St. Romain gives the complete prayer new meaning by reflecting on the meditative words and how they can help us truly surrender our life to God's care. 86 pages. 1997.

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Paperback: 7.95; Kindle: 4.99

Twelve Steps to Spiritual Wholeness: A Christian Pathway.Philip St. Romain
Applies the Twelve Steps to Christian spirituality to help readers "break free" from negative and sinful influences in their lives. 96 pages. Paperback. 1993 edition reprinted, 2010.

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Paperback book: 12.95; PDF eBook file: 5.00; Amazon Kindle: 3.99; ePub eBook file: 3.99 (also in Apple iBookstore)